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Siol nan Gaidheal (Scottish Cultural and Fraternal Organisation) 

Siol nan Gaidheal is a national organisation of Scotland.  This organisation was created in 1978 in order to inspire nationalism in other citizens without being restrained or inhibited.  Its founder, Tom Moore, believed that no Scottish citizen should feel ashamed of their heritage which is more than just kilts, bagpipes, and the caber toss.  Currently, the Siol nan Gaidheal is in its Third Manifestation or in other words, public demonstration. 

National Awareness and England 

The Siol nan Gaidheal's entire existence is to promote national awareness and the culture of the Scottish people.  This organisation provides a different alternative to the current way of thinking held by the Scottish.  They firmly believe that their union with the country of England was never created on an equal partnership.  Instead, they state this union is simply a matter of a political, economic, and cultural takeover by the English government, causing a disaster for the country of Scotland.  This union, which happened in 1707, was adamantly opposed by the Scottish, many who still feel strong feelings of anger and sadness today. 

The members of Siol nan Gaidheal believe that Scotland is a country of the people as opposed to a major commodity that simply exists for other people's and government's gains.  Because of the England/Scotland union, the Siol nan Gaidheal members feel that many Scottish citizens have chosen to ignore and feel hatred toward their culture and heritage, which has caused them to undervalue themselves and their heritage as well as take away their feelings of independence and self-assurance. 

Self-Respect and National Sovereignty 

These negative feelings circle back to the founding idea of the Siol nan Gaidheal.  They feel that Scottish people must regain their pride in regards to the heritage and culture of their country.  This includes insisting that the world recognizes not only their rights as independent citizens, but also their responsibilities as Scottish people.  They feel this will eventually lead to the independence and self-determination they are desperately seeking for Scotland, causing the restoration of national sovereignty.   

Their Call to Action 

This organisation's call to action consists of uniting all Scots to join forces against known entities that have damaged their national character, which in turn has caused bigotry and prejudice in terms of religion, party politics, and race.  The Siol nan Gaidheal wants to find a way to rid themselves of discord and animosity and replace these feelings with ones of harmony, compassion, and tolerance.   

Only an Organisation 

This Scottish Cultural and Fraternal Organisation is simply that, an organisation.  Its members do not consider themselves to be part of a political party.  They feel political struggles are better left to pro-Independent parties that have the power to eradicate the argument of the Union during electoral challenges where this issue is frequently discussed.   

Their Vision 

This organisation's vision is to provide a different philosophy for the Scottish people to follow.  A philosophy devoid of party politics.  These members feel that if they can put their talents with their mission of sovereign freedom, they can restore hope, democracy, wealth, health, and pride back to those who they feel deserve it the most--Scots, which they state will form an "independent, united, strong Scotland."


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